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Boat Detailing

Boat detailing can be overwhelming, but proper cleaning and protection is a must to preserve resale value as well as the beauty of the craft.

Whether you have a canoe, bass boat, run-about, performance boat, or yacht, you're in love with the feel of wind in your hair, the warmth of the sun on your back, and the smell of fresh, open water. Unfortunately, these same elements pay havoc on canvas, vinyl, carpet, plastic, chrome, Fiberglass, Gelcoat and of course, wood.

Boats lose their value faster than any other large purchase you'll own. Surprisingly, this is NOT due to failure of the boat manufacturers or the marine industry in general. It's because boat owners do not properly care for their investment.

Boats are more difficult to wash, wax, polish and vacuum than any of our "Big Boy Toys". This does not make them enjoyable to detail. It's a never ending battle to keep them in good condition. Boats become scummy, smelly and duller faster than anything you'll own.

West Lake Boat Repair has selected the best protection products as well as professional cleaning products for the super-tough stains and build-up so common on marine craft.

Preparing Your Boat for Polish & Wax

We will properly wash your boat to help save time during the polishing process. We will remove the scum below the water line, strip the build-up from props or outboard motors, and power wash airborne contaminants from decks and canvas.

We use a shampoo is stronger than formulas used on automobiles. Powerful detergents are needed to break down water born contaminants. If necessary, a professional quality degreaser will also help on stubborn areas. These can be pre-sprayed on the surface prior to washing.

If your boat has a canvas cover or top, don't forget to let us thoroughly wash it as well. You should let us wash a boat cover before you take it off. It will be easier to clean and dry. When it's almost dry, it can be removed and laid out in the sun.

Extremely dirty decks can also be power-washed or scrubbed with a shampoo brush. We'll make sure the soap is completely rinsed off and the surfaces are dry.

Raise Your Boat's Resale Value!

Your boat has been washed, scrubbed of any build-up, and is now ready for the main event. We'll polish the surface to bring back the original shine, and apply a coat of wax for UV protection.

Fiberglass, Gel-Coat and aluminum require proper maintenance to retain their beauty. This does not mean a visit to the local, drive through car wash. It needs to be done correctly and the rewards will be great.

Most boats are too large to polish by hand. We use quality orbital polishers to make the finished job look great! In addition, our polishers can shampoo the carpet, polish the plastic, clean the vinyl, and scrub the canvas.

Boat Decks & Cabins

Talk about dirty carpet! No one experiences a nastier, smellier carpet than a boat owner. Marine interior detailing involves a wide variety of problems. Mud, oil, gasoline, food spills and fish odors are common place. In fact, they are virtually guaranteed to appear every time you go out.

Can you ignore them, and put off cleaning? We don't advise it. Food and fish residue will cause bacteria driven odors. Mud and water will cause mildew. Oil and gasoline can damage or permanently stain carpet, vinyl, wood and fiberglass.

We will vacuum and shampoo the carpet, wipe down the vinyl and navigation equipment, flush the live wells, and clean the storage areas and items to be stored. Life vests and fishing equipment will most likely be wet. We will make sure they are rinsed and dry before storage. We never store anything that is still wet.

Large Cabin Cruisers and Yachts require the same cleaning techniques and attention to detail as a motor home. Again, we will perform prompt cleaning to keep all surfaces in top condition. You'll normally find a good deal of vinyl, cloth upholstery and canvas, carpet, plastic, chrome, stainless steel, and wood. All of these materials are cleaned and polished.

The second step to our detailing service is protection. Once these surfaces are clean, a protective product will be applied to help extend time between cleanings. It can also help preserve the materials for the life of the vessel. Boats depreciate on an escalated scale. Protective maintenance will do a lot to prevent, or at least slow down this depreciation.

Windscreens, Trailers & More

Because of huge differences in structure and components, the boat detailing process varies widely. Even so, there are a few areas common to most classes. Marine vessels seem to have a lot of plastic and non-corrosive metal.

A great number of marine windscreens are Plexiglass. There is also a wide range of hard plastic light and signal covers, instrument panels, and many surfaces in living quarters. We offer an excellent method of polishing and even, waxing plastic. We incorporate products from both the auto and aircraft industries.

There are three main types of metal used in the marine industry. Chrome, stainless steel and aluminum are preferred, due to their resistance to moisture and salt. Even with this resistance, these metals must be carefully maintained to insure beauty and longevity. Our selection of metal polishes and polishing tools is designed to perform this tedious task while offering the best possible look.

Last, but not least, if you have a trailered boat, don't forget to clean and wax the trailer, shampoo the padding, repack and/or replace the wheel bearings annually, and dress the tires. You don't want a faded trailer with dried out and ugly tires, wheel bearings that are not properly lubricated and free from water or dirty padding that can scratch the hull.

We cannot emphasize enough, the importance of rinsing-off or wiping-down your boat, EVERY TIME you use it AND servicing your boat trailer's wheel bearings every year.

Have you ever seen a car pulling a boat sitting on the side of the highway (usually at the beginning of the weekend) with one or more of the boat trailer's tires off of the trailer and the car packed up for the weekend with the family on-board? Guess what, that family is not going to be enjoying the lake that weekend on their boat.

We do not want our customers to ever be in that position.

Boats have a lot of hard-to-clean areas. From motors, to pontoons, living quarters, and storage areas, they are a real challenge to detail. Our professional detailing service will help you keep your boat in the best possible condition for years. You can count on us!

Please contact us for a quote to keep your boat looking like NEW!

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