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Our Favorite Story....

Wes Elsberry, the founder and President of West Lake Boat Repair, Inc., has been working on boats for almost 20 years. He started working on boats with his father, who was also in the boat repair business. He learned a lot from his father; how to repair boats and how to treat your customers right.

That's certainly more experience than what a large number of the technicians, who are currently working in boat dealerships in the DFW area today, have. So if you're looking for a service center that offers experience, West Lake Boat Repair, Inc. is your answer!

After working for his father for a number of years and then for several boat dealers in the DFW area, he felt he could take better care of his customers on his own. So with some self-determination, his tools, certifications, and a pickup truck, he started his own business. He took in whatever work he could find and offered his customers a novel "pickup and delivery" service because he didn't have his own shop. The word spread fast and loud among the boating enthusiasts in the North Central Texas Region. And his business grew. And grew. And grew. 

During the next 4-5 years, his business continued to thrive and Wes came to the realization that he needed to take the next step in the growth of his business and find a suitable location big enough to handle the volume of business and convenient for his customers. Through the last few years and a couple of location and name changes, West Lake Boat Repair, Inc. has continued to thrive and landed at their current location at 965 South Main Street, Hickory Creek, Texas. On the western side of Lake Lewisville, one of the most popular lakes in the state of Texas.

West Lake Boat Repair, Inc. has consistently grown because of adhearing to the founder's basic business principal, which is: Keep Your Word and offer your customers high quality service, parts, and accessories at affordable prices. 

Whether your boat is for family fun or tournament angling, it's meant to be on the water. At West Lake Boat Repair, Inc., we recognize the importance of timely and cost effective boat repairs. You can count on us to get you back on the water as quickly as possible. West Lake Boat Repair, Inc. provides full service for all fiberglass and aluminum boats, and boat trailer repairs.


We take care of your boat so you don't have to!

Overview of our services

Regular Engine Maintenance, both Inboard and Outboard
Regular Outdrive Maintenance
Regular Trailer Maintenance
Major Engine Repair
Major Outdrive Repair
Summerizing your boat
Winterizing your boat
Custom and Performance Modifications
Detailing and Oxidation Removal
Upholstery and Vinyl Repair, Reconditioning or Replacement
Stripe and Decal Replacement
Transom Repair or Replacement for Outboard and I/O Transoms
Floor & Carpet Repair and Replacement
Engine Skeg Repair and Replacement; Lower Unit Painting
Stress Crack Repair
Scratch Removal
Boat Trailer Repair
Stripes and Decals
Rock Guard Protection
Axle, Hub, and Brake Service


Insurance and Warranty


We work directly with your insurance company to make the entire repair process as simple and convenient as possible with accurate delivery dates and a lifetime guarantee on our work

Manufacturers and insurance companies from across the United States recognize West Lake Boat Repair as North Central Texas' leading service and repair center. A large portion of West Lake Boat Repair's service work is covered by insurance and/or manufacturer's warranty.

At West Lake Boat Repair we understand how inconvenient it is when damage occurs. By working directly with your insurance company or manufacturer, our staff can help get claims settled quickly and accurately. We will even take care of all necessary claim forms.

Our goal is to make the entire process as simple and convenient for you as possible. We begin by reviewing your boat and taking digital pictures of all damage and providing those pictures along with an estimate to your insurance company or manufacturer via high-speed, secure internet connections. Once the repairs have been authorized all parts orders are placed by phone or via the internet for quick delivery so that your repairs can be completed as quickly as possible - in most cases 5 - 7 days from claim approval.


We are proud of our work and we stand behind it. All repairs performed by West Lake Boat Repair are guaranteed. Superior Customer Service and complete customer satisfaction are our top priorities.

   Come in and see us, you'll be glad you did!

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